Being Present In The Moment

At 18 months, my son had a vocabulary of about 10 words. I couldn’t wait for him to talk. When will he talk? What will he say? I can’t wait until we can hold a conversation! Now, he’s 8 and I can’t wait for him to STOP talking. He talks ALL.DAY.LONG! He even talks in his sleep. I guess God showed me.

In those early moments, I was so preoccupied on the next milestone that I would almost miss the current milestone. As a mom, there’s so much emphasis placed on “hitting the milestones”, whether it be with the pediatrician at the monthly/yearly checkups, with family or especially with other moms. You don’t want your kid to be the “one that’s behind”.

I remember being on a playdate with two other moms at the park when our children were about 2. The other moms have girls, so I was the lone mom of a son in the group. The girls were reciting the alphabet, knew numbers and could hold full conversations with adults. Then, pan left to my son, running around in circles by himself on the playground, mumbling something…I felt embarrassed and inadequate, like I had failed him and myself.

But what I missed was that in those moments, God had blessed him in many ways. In a few short months, he began speaking and even learned to read. I needed to be reminded that I shouldn’t skip ahead to what is to come, and just enjoy the time that you’re in now. Even though the days are long and sometimes naptime can’t come soon enough, take a step back to enjoy this time. God has given you an incredible opportunity to raise His child and you don’t want to look back and not be able to remember it.

There is incredible pressure to live up to a certain standard as a mom, and a parent in general. What you have to do is ask God what it is that He has in store for you, what His plan is for you. If you listen to Him and plan your life accordingly, your steps will be ordered.

So, forget about what’s going to happen in a year, enjoy what’s happening right now. In five minutes, this moment in time will be history. Do you want to be enjoying it or enduring it? I vote enjoy.

Every Tuesday, you can be present in the moment with a wonderful God loving group of moms who can walk through this journey with you. Who can hold your hand and say, “I’ve been there, its okay” or “I’ve never been there, tell me how you made it through”. We are so very grateful to Beverly Covenant for your support, care and love. We also are forever grateful to our childcare workers who lovingly care for our children every week.