MomCon 2016

I decided to attend the national MOPs convention over a year ago, but at that time, it was as simple as mentioning it to my husband and then vaguely keeping the date in mind. Finally, September rolled around and suddenly, everything seemed so complicated and chaotic that I was VERY tempted to back out altogether. However, I pressed on and boarded the Milwaukee bound Amtrak train.

As we sped along the tracks, I sat in peaceful silence and knew in my heart, mind and body that this was a great choice. The time away would be refreshing to me, and by extension, my entire family, too! We arrived at the Convention Center and were warmly greeted by staff and fellow moms who had traveled from all over the world. The venue was decorated with encouraging notes to moms who had made huge efforts to be in attendance for the weekend. It was perfect to be in a beautiful and spotless hotel room beckoning my relaxation. I was delighted to see that everything about the conference down to the details were planned with moms like me in mind. Being there just felt. so. right.

The opening General Session was highly refreshing and exciting as we sang in unison to the Lord, laughed and listened as souls connected in the purpose of thriving in womanhood and motherhood. The speaker spoke right to my soul with words of encouragement, humor and challenging Truth. Not to mention, it was very delightful to be able to be present at an event without having to be partially distracted while feeding snacks to little mouths, escorting little people to the potty or silently bargaining with them for their quiet cooperation throughout the session’s duration.

The remainder of the next couple days were filled with equally incredible refreshment, encouragement and hope-filled messages. In addition, I experienced mom connections with other MOPs from everywhere imaginable, fun session surprises, plenty of time for relaxation and reflection. I also had kid-free meals and bathroom breaks (hallelujah!), thought-provoking & practical wisdom-filled workshops and inspiration for our local MOPs chapter. Lastly, I was able to simultaneously inspire others with our ideas, fun activities, free promotions and goodies and even have an opportunity to see the city and bond with new friends.

I couldn’t have imagined all that God had in store for me that weekend, but I’m beyond elated that I said, “yes” to it. Now, there’s no doubt that I will be saying “yes” every year around September…and everyone around me will be blessed for it.

Aziza, Rosie and Darnetta from our own MopsAtBeverly had the amazing experience of attending MomCon 2016. We hope and pray that next year, we can have an even bigger group have this wonderful experience.

Our group, as always, would like to thank Beverly Covenant for their continued love and support of our group. We could not carry our theme as the “Starry Eyed” without you. We would also like to give our heartfelt thanks to our Childcare workers who so lovingly take care of our little ones. I know we always say it, but its so true: We couldn’t do this without you!!!

~ Aziza B.