Serving Others As Christ Serves Us

There are three types of people; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, “What Happened?” (Author Unknown). MOPS at Beverly has a staff of people who believe in making things happen, are dedicated, and believe in service. During my time of working with MOPS with the Moppets, I was able to experience this first hand. Never before have I seen such a group of dedicated people who help and support each other in and out of MOPS sessions. All I could think to myself during my time serving at MOPS was, “When I become a mother, I would definitely have to join MOPS at Beverly. It would be a necessity to even function fully as a mother!”

From the Steering team, to the members, these women are just a phenomenally dedicated group of mothers. For example, MOPS at Beverly has an exchange program where moms bring in things they are done with or do not need and want to pass down. Then on a designated MOPS day, mothers can exchange, or choose anything they want. For example, if you need a car seat, MOPS has it covered. If your son or daughter needs shoes and are growing out of clothes, MOPS has it covered! In addition, I not only saw MOPS members sharing things, but they also developed a supportive small community. For instance, even after the sessions are over, you would see mothers holding their friend’s baby and giving them a break, or even offering to do something for their fellow member. That is going above and beyond and it is certainly being dedicated.

I believe such a community as MOPS at Beverly is essential and it really helps moms know that they are not alone and that everyone is together in this thing called “motherhood,” that can at times be challenging. However, MOPS at Beverly makes it easier. Today, if someone asked me, “Why should I join Mops?” I would tell them because its like a breath of fresh air for mothers! I am not even a mother yet, but I have already referred my friends who are moms to this great group and I plan to join as soon as I reach motherhood!

I experienced all of these great things about MOPS while serving as a childcare worker with the Moppets. Mops I learned, is all about service. The steering team continuously serves others, whether it is teaching lessons, planning events, or even having programs for members. They also go above and beyond like planning baby showers and even bringing food and serving those who have new babies.

Serving plays a huge role in this group. I always knew the importance of serving, but it was not until working with this group, did I experience the true value of it. For this, I am truly grateful. Serving as a child care worker was a phenomenal experience! It taught me the in depth true value of serving; the value that serving is a part of the reason we are here, to service one another and to lend help to our fellow neighbors. That it is our service to others that God sees and He blesses. That when we serve others, we are really serving God. No one can achieve, or make it on their own. It takes a village, the help of another person at some point in your life, no matter how smart, or good you are at something. In this case, it is motherhood. MOPS lends an exemplary service to their mothers and helps them prepare and be the best moms they can be while in motherhood!

I have seen a lot of organizations and their leaders as well, however MOPS at Beverly is at the top of the list when it comes to making things happen, being dedicated, and lending service to others. They have definitely been an inspiration to me. They have touched the lives of so many mothers and myself. This is what you called an outstanding organization. They are dedicated in such that the members treat you like they would treat their own families and care about the well-being of each other as individuals, and the functions of each other’s families as a whole. They lend service to each other and serve others unconditionally, putting away all selfishness, but considering other mothers even before themselves. MOPS at Beverly has left such an inspiring impact on me and I will never forget my experience with them. It was an honor to serve such a phenomenal ministry!

~ Connie L.