Why I Decided To Attend My First M.O.P.S. Gathering

I am a wife and mother of three who loves Jesus Christ. My children include three-year-old twins for whom I decided to look at the options for preschool. I’d mentioned the frustration I had with the process: registration, medical records, recommendations, tuition, etc…to a friend. My friend mentioned M.O.P.S. as a place where I might find mothers who could be of support. I thought it was a good idea.

Why I decided to join M.O.P.S.?

Information – There is a weekly lesson/talk to which I look forward. The information is biblically-based, clear, and relevant to being a mother, which is a multi-faceted role. Whether the lesson stems from a book or a special presentation, the presenter makes sure to clearly give the information along with personal examples and reflective questions.

Fellowship – At the start of our meeting, we take time to “check-in” with each other. This time includes sharing praise reports for provisions from our Heavenly Father and prayer request. This time is extraordinary because each person doesn’t give a line-by-line report, she shares her heart and mind creating another moment of relationship-building and/or strengthening.

Friendship – I believe the opportunity to form lasting friendships begins on the first day. It’s a breath of fresh air to spend time with women who make intentional moves to be a part of other lives. I’ve heard about and witnessed the friendships that began as shared experiences as members of M.O.P.S.

The women are welcoming, attentive, supportive, and they do it in an intentional manner. For the last three and half years I’ve been living in a world where I didn’t and felt as if I couldn’t get away from my children. Becoming a member at M.O.P.S. at Beverly is a weekly opportunity to meet with friends who have similar mothering experiences and share faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a blessing and privilege to prayer group. I look forward to learning about the weekly lesson whether it’s in a book or a special presentation from one of my M.O.P.S. sisters. This group of women are inviting, caring, and dependable. Specifics about the program that are icing on the cake, or ice cream on the peach cobbler include childcare, parking, snacks, and year-round meetings. Fifty-two weeks is a great amount of time to build relationships.

MOPS at Beverly is a place to share womanhood via mothering. I’ll see you on Tuesdays.

MOPS at Beverly is thankful to Beverly Evangelical for sharing their resources with our group, whether it be financial, emotional or social (with our childcare). We could not continue to share God’s love with others if it was not for you!

We’d like to welcome our newest MOPPETs to our group! The summer has been busy! The Butlers welcomed Baby Christopher on May 30th, Nevanda Ferguson and family welcomed precious baby girl Cadence to their crew in July.