My Invitation to MOPS

Picture being a stay-at-home mommy with a newborn baby and a one-year-old and you receive calls and emails from your friend’s big sister inviting you to a weekly support group meeting for moms. The first time Rosie Ballard reached out to me about joining MOPS. I was drowning in loneliness, frustration and perhaps a smidge of postpartum depression. I couldn’t imagine what this group could possibly do to help. I just wanted to be alone at my pity party. Breaking free and going to MOPS would require me actually getting myself, the one-year-old and the newborn dressed for outside with hair combed all before 9 am. That seemed overwhelming, if not impossible at the time.

Fast forward two and a half years, the same invitation was extended to me again. This time my oldest was in preschool and I had gotten the hang of motherhood. At the very same time we had hit a huge pot hole in our marriage. We were fighting and arguing all the time over every little thing. The day I received the invitation, I knew I needed something. That was the moment I knew the invitation came from God. I was already going to be outside dropping my daughter off. Why not drop by and see what this group is really about?

When I entered MOPS, I was welcomed with the warmest smiles and hugs. I just melted into the arms of everyone who hugged me. I really needed a hug that day. When they prayed, I cried and cried and cried some more.

God had sent me to a place of rest. I so desperately needed just a break. MOPS, for me, was/is a place to receive wise counsel, Christian fellowship with people I could relate with and most importantly, love. Six months later I look forward to attending M.O.P.S. on Tuesday mornings and so do my daughters. Being around the other Christian wives and mothers who can relate to my daily struggles was like an oasis after 3 years of desert. Being around the other moms/wives at MOPS makes me a better wife and mother. When I miss a few weeks, my husband can tell. He starts asking me, “When are you going back to M.O.P.S.?”

This organization has definitely been a blessing to our family and changed my life for the better. I am forever grateful for all they have given me and hope to give the same back to others.

~ Asha Ntim